The use of this website is governed by the following Terms and Conditions: The user of the website (hereinafter referred to as “the User”) by clicking ‘Accept’ agrees to abide by the terms and conditions of use put forth by the owner of the website (hereinafter referred to as “the Owner”) which are detailed as under:


  1. The User of the website shall choose the desired lecture from the catalogue available on the website and select the same by clicking on it. Only one lecture may be chosen for viewing at a time.
  2. Upon choosing the desired lecture, the User will be directed to the payments section. The payment may only be made in one of the accepted modes in the payments section. Payments for users outside India may only be made in U$D.
  3. The User shall be entitled to view the chosen lecture for a period of time which is twice the actual duration of the chosen lecture, commencing from the confirmation of receipt of the payment. The lecture shall cease to be available for viewing upon expiry of the aforesaid duration. So as to be able to view the lecture beyond the aforesaid duration, the User shall have to reinitiate the selection and payment process. [For example, if a lecture with running time of 30 minutes is chosen and payment made for at 12 noon, the lecture will be available for viewing between 12 noon and 1 pm.]
  4. There is no limitation on the number of times a particular lecture may be viewed provided payment is made for the same. The User agrees that the Owner is entitled to track the usage and viewing pattern of a particular IP address and to block the usage and viewing of the lectures from a particular IP address if in the opinion of the Owner the same is being used for unauthorised dissemination of the lectures either by way of broadcast or otherwise to persons other than the User.
  5. The User may only use the requisite internet connection and speed which is required to support the viewing of the lectures on the website. In the event that the User is unable to view the lecture on account of a fault in or inadequacy of the internet connection, the Owner shall not be responsible for the same.
  6. In the event that the User is unable to view the lecture despite payment being confirmed, the User shall address an email to [email protected] within 24 hours stating the exact problem faced by the User. Upon examination of the issue, the User may be provided the chosen lecture free of any further cost or upon payment of such further amount as may be deemed appropriate in the discretion of the Owner. The User understands that all other conditions of use shall remain the same even in such an event.

    1. The User will not be refunded the prescribed fees in the event of no view or partial view of the video after accepting the terms and conditions and making the payment.
    2. The user will not be able to cancel the purchase of a video-lecture after making the payment.
  7. The User agrees and understands that the content on this website is a voluntary online learning aid. The Owner does not provide any certification to the User upon viewing of the desired content. The Owner does not claim to have any affiliations to any University or other recognised educational body in any country.
  8. The User agrees and understands that the use of the website is governed by the Information Technology Act, 2000 as operating in India. In the event that the actions of the User amount to an offence against the said Act, the User shall be answerable to the laws in India, notwithstanding his/her physical location.

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