Knowledge of Science and Technology

Science is truth. Science education improves human life to a great extent. Science can shape up life in a coherent and logical way. Science can explain many real-life events and natural phenomena through most rational and gripping arguments.

Knowledge of science makes us sensible, bold, well-integrated, and equips us to fight absurdities. Science erases the misery of superstitions from society. When we are able to clear our doubts scientifically about many natural events, we become aware of the dangers, hazards, risks in life and stay prepared for an eventuality.

Without knowledge of science, our mind fills up with superstitions, propagandas and falsehood. The more scientific information we may assimilate, the more civilised we become.  The light of science dispels darkness of ignorance, and forms that protective ring around mankind … capable of defeating unseen dangers from unexpected quarters.

Science makes us aware of the facts and evidences. Ignorance fades away; power of knowledge makes people their own masters!

The whole universe is governed by science. Science is the faithful tool we rely upon to navigate through the wondrous depths of the universe, and collect a myriad of “pearls” and “pebbles” … each opening a line for exciting research.

Science is not just medical advancements or discovery of physical laws or invention of new technologies. Science is the way of life which evolves our brain to reason and rectify in all spheres of life.

The better equipped we are to understand and manage life, the easier the journey of our life becomes.

Science and its applications have tremendous impact on society, and it has grown many-fold in last few decades … a bit disproportionately though. And the flip side of an unrestrained march of technology is huge, sudden pressure on planet Earth, our beautiful habitat.  Never before the challenges of pollution in many forms, global warming, climatic changes, deadly diseases known and hitherto unbeknown were so daunting to humanity!

The terrifying truth is that the aforesaid maladies have the potential to destroy the whole human race. Heavy industrial activities, poisonous emissions from vehicles, rampant deforestation, wars in the last one hundred years has depleted Earth’s natural resources and warmed up the climate … leading to environmental damage and ecological disturbances.

The issues require immediate action. If the causes of global warming and climatic changes are not tackled now, then there will be massive disruption across the globe and civilisation will totter towards oblivion in not-so-distant future.

Science and Technology – in the right hands – can transform Earth back into the safe and lovable planet where healthy life can thrive again.

Indeed, it is the need of the hour to make best use of Science and Technology to protect the biosphere for the survival of the entire ecosystem.

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