Education is the finest gift to Mankind

Education is the finest gift to Mankind. Education starts with the knowledge and awareness of the organic and inorganic components of the neighbourhood. Education is the wealth of knowledge accumulated either through experiences in life or through systematic instructions and its intelligent and judicious application in life process.

Education helps us to understand and regulate our inner strength and abilities in an appropriate and productive way for the betterment of the entire human race.

Education is wisdom. Wisdom enhances adaptability and helps us to build up liberal and refined thought process. Pure knowledge propels us in the right direction and helps us to distinguish between ‘truth and falsehood’, ‘right and wrong’, ‘good and bad’, and so on …

The purpose of education is to develop a sound mind in a healthy body. Education is the most important and compulsory tool to be happy and successful in life.

There are two types of education:  (1) Informal Education, and (2) Formal Education.

Informal education starts from birth. It has got immense value in life. One must not confuse education with achieving academic targets and professional degrees only.

Informal education builds our character, inculcates values, encourages us to be optimistic and inspires us to acquire more knowledge. It develops in us the inherent ability and taste for learning which facilitates smooth journey through life.

Real education teaches us how to accumulate physical wealth by ethical means, and how to make best use of the wealth for better living of self and the world in general.

Institutional, curriculum-based learning with clear-cut objectives or agenda to have degrees / certificates is called formal education.

While earning institution-based degrees and diplomas, one must not forget that memorizing facts and figures for the exams and scoring high marks are not enough. True education definitely ensures a lucrative job, but it takes you much further … towards higher rewards, as sages have said through ages.

Education is the sharpest tool to refine inner qualities already in man, so that he becomes a more perfect human being with all-round development. An educated person is always a learner or a facilitator of learning process, that is, they receive and transmit flow of knowledge naturally to others.

Education is being wise, informed and proactive.

So invest your time and energy in the world of true knowledge to harvest rich dividends in life. 

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